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We were delighted to present to healthcare professionals a review of patient feedback methods and be chosen as one of fourteen in the HealthIgnite conference, held in Portland at OMSI and hosted by the Technology Association of Oregon. A variety of innovations were presented – and our topic was:

“In clinic Patient Feedback tools to Improve Patient Retention Rates” 

The format is 20 slides, changing every 15 seconds, so the presentation lasts just five minutes. Not easy! – The goal is to educate and inform the audience of Healthcare professionals of new ideas or practices. All fourteen presentations can be viewed on YouTube here.

Our presentation shared how some providers are capturing patient feedback at the point of experience, to improve the experience. Moreover, recapture the feedback process from runaway survey technology. You can view the presentation below.

The goal here is to describe how an aggregate of technology, process improvement, and defined accountability can have a dramatic effect on patient defection rates, intent to return scores and overall satisfaction. A brief review of the inadequacies of existing tools was given, followed by a description of the experience at two providers highlighting how they have improved these metrics, to generate a powerful return on investment.

Many providers over survey their patients resulting in survey fatigue and / or request patient feedback after the visit. This is always too late for the business to fix the issue before the patient defects. A much better idea is to enable on the spot, in-clinic feedback so that the patient review, rate, and comment on their experience while they are still there. When using opiniator, this patient feedback can be enabled using their own mobile phone, in English or Spanish or via on-site tablets. The data is available real-time and viewed via on online dashboard.

Our product sheet on patient feedback can be obtained by clicking here.