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We are delighted to have been featured in GovTech. Specifically describing how opiniator is being used at the rest areas in Florida to enable drivers to give their thoughts and ratings about the facility. Specifically, we have replaced their old Comment Card program (we have listed before why we think comment cards are not effective) so the rest area operators and Department of Transportation (DOT) managers can see feedback and analysis in real time and act on that data through our alert system. This means problems get fixed quickly, maintenance costs are reduced, drivers are happier and the facilities are safer.

“We had one response that came in saying that one of the restrooms was out of toilet paper,” said Lattner. “Within 10 minutes, the attendant was in there filling it up. So it allows us to respond very quickly, and that’s one of the major things that got us on board with this system.”

The driver is notified to give feedback via signage located in each rest area. There are signs around the grounds and in the buildings and invite the rest area visitor to deliver feedback on their experience at the location. They do this via their own cell phone using SMS, a phone call, scanning a QR code or going to a specific website. Each rest area location has its own code, so the analysis can be site specific. Moreover, as each of the locations is managed by a different operating company with separate personnel, the analysis and alert messages are bespoke to them.

The actions they take to correct any issue is logged within opiniator so the DoT can verify progress on all fixes to make sure the customer feedback process has been closed. Florida also link this data to a performance based contract with each operator.

You can read the article online – here, or get a copy of the full article by email by clicking the link – here.