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We are delighted that one of our newest customers is the City of Hillsboro (OR) Parks and Recreation group. As with other municipalities, they would like to collect immediate customer feedback from the users of their parks, trails, and facilities, and be alerted if something needs fixing. This parks feedback replaces comment cards and feedback via their website.

Right now, opiniator covers many of the parks and play areas plus a number of facilities including swimming pools and gyms. The immediate customer feedback collected is from local visitors and delivered whilst they using the park or facility. The questions within the short survey concern the demographics of the visitor and issues or ideas about the facility or park, in addition to rating maintenance and cleanliness.

The facility or park visitor is requested to give their thoughts and ratings via on-location signage – see the example below, in this case from one of the parks.

City of Hillsboro Parks FeedbackCity of Hillsboro Parks Feedback

If there are low scores, maintenance or safety issues flagged – the system sends an immediate alert via email to the correct maintenance and support staff in the City. The issue is then addressed and the park visitor is then thanked.

On the spot feedback like this has a return on investment based on an amalgam of factors:

  • Elimination of costs associated with more traditional feedback methods
  • Lower maintenance costs through early detection
  • Improvement in park safety through immediate alerts